The tech trends that small business owners need to follow

There was a point in time when e-mail was considered cutting-edge tech. Before that, businesses were considered tech-savvy if they had their very own fax machines. Technology, though, is constantly evolving. What companies needed three years ago is nowhere near what they need now to thrive. CIO Magazine, naturally, recognizes this. That’s why the magazine so emphasized the evolving nature of technology when it listed its top tech trends for businesses. The trends that the magazine’s editors have cited will definitely affect the way businesses operate in 2013. If you’re a wise businessman, you’ll pay particularly close attention to them.

Hospitals and BYOD

There’s a reason why more companies adopted the BYOD – bring your own devices – movement last year. When employees bring their own tablets or laptops to work, hook up to a company network and then perform their tasks on their own devices, they generally tend to be both happier and more efficient. This boosts the bottom line of companies. At the same time, companies that embrace BYOD don’t need to provide individual computers for their employees. This year, CIO Magazine says, the BYOD movement will grow even stronger as increasing numbers of businesses – even highly secure ones such as hospitals – being encouraging their workers to bring their own iPads to work.

3-D Printing Continues to Soar

3-D printing has made a big effect on businesses. The ability to use a printer to produce objects with heft and depth – for example plastic machine parts – is definitely an amazing one. And CIO Magazine predicts that more businesses will see this in 2013. In fact, CIO Magazine predicts that 3-D printing will become a breakthrough technology this year for companies.

The End of Passwords?

Passwords have always been a technological problem for businesses. A great number of their employees rely on their children’s names, street addresses or favorite hockey team when deciding on passwords. These passwords are easier for hackers to guess. When hackers guess a password, they can quickly gain access to confidential company information. But what if companies instead relied on biometrics to secure their computers and confidential data? That day is coming, predicts CIO. In biometrics, companies use such body parts as the iris’ of their workers’ eyes or their fingerprints as replacements for passwords. It really is a more secure option for businesses to guard their critical data.


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