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How to explain the cult of Evernote?

You’ve heard of cult movies. Cult bands, too. But have you ever heard of a business app that had its own cult following? Now you have, thanks to a recent story by BloombergBusinessweek. The story highlights the remarkable popularity of … Continue reading

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Turn off Java to protect your computer

<p>Want to protect your computer from hackers? Slate writer Will Oremus has some straightforward advice: Disable Java. The problem? Hackers have had an easy time of late uncovering holes in Java's browser plug-in. Just last year, you'll remember, the Department … Continue reading


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Don’t let the Internet trick you into flawed research

<p>You can learn about anything on the Internet. At least it seems that way. The fact is, if you are doing research online, you're likely to stumble into information that looks true but actually isn't. And that can scuttle your … Continue reading

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Do we need augmented reality glasses?

<p>Google Glass — Google's augmented reality glasses — are getting closer to hitting the market. These computerized specs allow wearers to surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail messages, chat with friends and take photos. Pretty awesome for a pair … Continue reading

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