Orchestra hits a home run with Mailbox for iPhone

Do you read and send e-mail messages through your smart phone? Naturally you do. Do you genuinely like the e-mail program that you use to get this done? If you’re similar to most smart phone users, most likely not. The simple truth is that few smart phone users like their mobile e-mail programs. There is a new contender in the mobile e-mail space, though, and it may well change this. Tech provider Orchestra just recently released Mailbox, its new e-mail client for the iPhone. And the assessments? Thus far, they’ve been fantastic.


So why has the tech press weighed in so positively about the iPhone version of Mailbox? Probably because it operates as if it was actually designed to be used with smart phones. Several other mobile e-mail programs feel like they are simply rehashes of e-mail programs that work better on desktop or laptop computers. Here’s the fundamental difference: With Mailbox, users save, delete or archive messages by swiping, the same as they do most anything else with their smart phones or tablet computers. Here are some examples: If you swipe an e-mail message to the left, you’ll save it for a later date. When you instead swipe to the right, you’ll archive the message. And when you swipe to the right while holding also, you’ll delete an e-mail message. Swipe to the left while holding? A List screen will pop-up. Using this new screen, you can either label messages or move them to new locations. Basically, using Mailbox is intuitive.


Supporters of the new Mailbox app point out that sending e-mail messages feels a lot more like Tweeting or texting. That’s a pretty heady compliment; after all, most smart phone users prefer texting or sending out quick Tweets to depending on traditional e-mail programs to transmit messages. Mailbox also configures e-mail messages so that they are easy to read on a typical smart phone screen. When messages are first displayed, as an example, Mailbox does not show unneeded information like signatures. It’s only when users tap on messages that additional information — such as the “To” and “From” features — are shown.

To Do

Mailbox for iPhone also acts as a handy to-do list for replying to e-mail messages. For example, when you read a message, you can assign it a priority. You could tend to have the message reappear in your e-mail inbox, for action, two days later. If the message carries a lower priority, you can request for it to appear again in a month. This supplies users with a simple way to gain some control over their incoming e-mail messages. If you’re aggravated by your present mobile e-mail program, it may be the perfect time to explore the iPhone version of Mailbox. You just might discover that it is the perfect e-mail application on your favorite smart phone.


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