How to explain the cult of Evernote?

You’ve heard of cult movies. Cult bands, too. But have you ever heard of a business app that had its own cult following? Now you have, thanks to a recent story by BloombergBusinessweek. The story highlights the remarkable popularity of Evernote, a five-year-old organization and note-taking app that has swiftly developed its own cult of fervent users. These users aren’t shy about praising the application to the uninitiated. And Evernote’s chief executive officer isn’t boasting when he says he’d one day like his organization app to boast more than 1 billion followers.

Devoted fans

According to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek story, Evernote today boasts more than 50 million users, amazing for an app that’s only existed for five years. More remarkable is the fact that new users are signing at a pace of 100,000 per day. That makes chief executive officer Phil Libin’s goal of reaching 1 billion users across the globe seem more credible than farfetched.

The numbers

According to the BloombergBusinessweek story, Evernote presently has more than 50 million users worldwide. Plus the number of users remains on the rise. The story states that more than 100,000 new users sign up for Evernote each day. That’s impressive. And the BloombergBusinessweek interview quotes CEO Phil Libin as saying that his goal is to reach 1 billion users.

Changing lifestyles?

This popularity might seem unusual to people who still take notes on pen and paper. However, fans of Evernote say that new users become devotees quickly for just one reason: Evernote helps make sense of increasingly busy lives. It’s tough to keep track of children’s hockey practices, work meetings, lunch with friends, and family gatherings. Evernote, though, allows users to do this efficiently, by using, basically, just three columns on a screen. The Evernote promise is a simple, but powerful, one: If you use this app, you’ll never inadvertently forget a phone call, meeting or anniversary again. Looking at it in this way, that goal of 1 billion users doesn’t seem so farfetched.


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