Four Programs to Make File Sharing Easier

Have you ever had this issue, you have to send an enormous file but the file is just too big to attach to an email? Well, you’re in luck. There are several programs out there that let you share or send large files. We have outlined four of the most popular below.


YouSendIt’s cloud-based online storage allows users to share everything from huge pictures to videos for free. The service is noted for how simple it is to use.
YouSendIt also gives users control over their huge files. For example, they can set expiration dates for these files and regulate who can and can’t access them.


The benefits of DropSend is that there are many different versions you may use. For example, you can choose to use the free version, which restricts you to sending five files a month. If you need something a bit more robust you can go with the standard version for $5 a month giving you 15 file shares a month. There is also the business version, which provides you unlimited file sharing. This version is $99 a month.


SugarSync has grown in popularity along with the rise in smartphones and tablet computers. That’s because users can create a SugarSync account that immediately saves their files on all of their devices at once – anything from their smartphones to their desktop computers to their tablets. SugarSync also allows users to provide access to these large files to specific users. It’s an easy way to allow family members or coworkers to view movies, pictures and other big files without using e-mail.


Dropbox is one of the most widely recognized file-sharing programs. It has the advantage of allowing you to store your files on all of your devices at once like SugarSync, and it has a variety of payment levels.



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