Three Technologies That May Make a Splash This Year

New technologies come out every year, and you can’t predict which ones will likely change our lives. Inc. has compiled a list this year of the most innovative technologies that we should keep an eye on. We have presented three of the most promising below.


The trouble with listening to music on the iPhone is simple: It doesn’t always sound good. The V-MODA VAMP hopes to change this. This product acts as a tiny amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S, adding quality and volume to the devices’ music-playing capabilities. The product also serves a secondary function: it provides a back-up battery, giving your iPhone 4 a longer life.

Alice Receptionist

The Alice Receptionist is a video-based virtual receptionist that can alter the way you staff your office. The Alice Receptionist relies on a sensor to detect when guests arrive to your workplace. These guests can then tap a touchscreen to make contact with your employees or talk with them through video or voice services. Best of all, this virtual receptionist is simple for businesses to master.

Microsoft SmartGlass

SmartGlass, developed by Microsoft, allows users to transform a smartphone or tablet into a high-tech, super-smart controller for your HDTV. By using gestures on your mobile device, you can manage media such as music, games and videos on your TV screen. The technology is scheduled to be released later this year, and will be intended for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows 8 tablets, according to Inc.

You can’t predict what technologies are going to make a splash but the three above have received a lot of attention.



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