Simplify Online Invoicing with These Services

You launched your own catering business because you love to cook. You went into the bakery business to sell cookies and cupcakes. You didn’t open your own landscaping company because you love paperwork. Yet to be a successful small business owner, you can’t neglect the financial side of your business, and this means that you have to make sure that you correctly invoice your clients. Neglecting to invoice your clients can leave you with a significant cash flow problem, one that, if left unchecked, could put you out of business.

Invoicing help online

Fortunately, there are plenty of online invoicing services designed to make life less complicated for the small business owner. By utilizing one of these services, you can quickly — and depending on your clients, automatically — distribute your invoices each month. It’s one less job for you to handle. Here is a glance at some of the better online invoicing services:

A free but powerful invoicing service

Sometimes the word “free” is synonymous with “not very good.” Happily, that isn’t the case with the free system, BillingBoss. Ideal for most small businesses that want to automatically invoice customers monthly and periodic once-off invoicing, BillingBoss packs a huge punch without cost!

A power tool

AcceptPay from American Express is unquestionably for the power user. For only $30 a month, users of AcceptPay can connect with QuickBooks, collect online payments from clients, and set up a wide array of customizable automatic invoices. It seems a pretty small price to pay for such a robust tool.

Invoicing for the tech-savvy

If you are tech-savvy and understand how to use open source software, BambooInvoice is a great option. This free service is extremely customizable and lives on your in-house servers as opposed to in the cloud.  This makes it easy for you to make the program fit your company’s exact needs.

The best news for business owners is that these services are only a small sample of the many online invoicing services available, most of them free or low-cost. Those business owners who want to quickly gain control over their invoicing process should check them out.


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