Apple’s iPad Mini might be the best tablet value

Looking for that perfect tablet? You have an abundance of choices today, from classic iPad to the upstart Galaxy tablets. But which gadget is actually the best to buy? Which gives you top capabilities at a reasonable cost? And, this being tablets we’re talking about, which best fits in your purse or book bag? One Website has a interesting answer: the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

Staffers at the WireCutter blog advise the iPad Mini for one simple reason: It’s equally as powerful as its more substantial cousin, however it weighs less. For the staffers of WireCutter, the traditional iPad’s heft, as they refer to it, has become a serious problem. As the staffers wrote inside a recent article, you can’t support the traditional iPad like a magazine, which is the ultimate purpose of a tablet. That’s because its weight is more similar to a hefty coffee table or perhaps thinner telephone book. The iPad Mini, in contrast? It really is light.


Of course, the Mini’s small size isn’t enough to recommend it as the very best tablet on the market. The editors of WireCutter also discovered that it performed exceptionally well. As reported by these editors, watching movies on the iPad Mini is a pleasure. Same goes with listening to music, surfing the Internet and playing video games. This performance, combined with the lighter weight and smaller size of the Mini, combine to make the iPad Mini the top tablet for informed shoppers today, WireCutter wrote.

The right recommendation?

Of course, this is simply one Web site’s viewpoint. Your opinion may differ. The obvious way to determine which tablet is right for you: Shop around. Experiment with the numerous tablets at the nearest bookstore or technology retailer. See which of them feel too heavy, which ones boast the best graphics and which have the most intuitive Browser or greatest variety of apps. It may seem like there are too many tablets available today. But wouldn’t you prefer too many of these wonderful devices than too few?


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