Internet trivia for a new year

It’s tough to envision a world minus the Internet. After all, so many of us use the Internet now to watch movies, talk with our friends, play games and catch up on current events. But how much do you understand the Internet and how it works? You may be surprised at all you are not aware of. The Web site Business Insider recently took an intriguing look at the world of the web, paying special attention to those little factoids that you should but most likely have no idea of.

Facebook is King

We are all aware Facebook is big. But the social networking company isn’t just big. It dominates cyberspace. Business Insider quoted data from Hitwise to discover just how big of a player Facebook has become: Facebook accounts for one in every five page views on the Internet. Facebook also, in September of 2012, reached 1 billion users.

The Biggest Data Center is Rising in Utah

Business Insider also mentioned of the fact that largest data center in the world is now being built in Utah. The National Security Agency is behind this center, and when the data center is complete, it will store a yottabyte of data. You might not know just what a yottabyte is. But it’s huge. It equals 1,000 zettabytes or 1 million exabytes, according to Business Insider.

Streaming is on the Rise

Do you stream movies or Tv programs on your TV, computer or tablet? Even if you don’t, the possibilities are high that your neighbor probably does. Streaming became one of the Internet’s most widely used features. As stated by the Business Insider story, quoting statistics from Harris Interactive, greater than 50 percent of U.S. residents are using the Internet to watch TV. Streaming video has grown to be a particularly desired service among the many younger customers which are flocking to Web streaming. As per Business Insider, streaming is a huge hit among users under the age of 35.



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