Electronic Health Records: Are Doctors and Hospitals Going Digital

Everything is going digital nowadays, even medical records. Last time that you were at the doctor did they take out an envelope to access your health records? Or did your doctor pull it up on some type of computer?

Electronic health records

This is due to the recent adoption of EHR software, or electronic heath records. The application of EHR software by medial professionals has grown in recent years. The percentage of office-based physicians with access to EHR software stood at 57 percent in 201. This is an rise from the 50.7 percent of office-based physicians who used EHR software in 2010.

Electronic records good news for patients

This is a good thing. If health records are kept electronically, they are less likely to be lost. On top of that, medical professionals can access your medial history instantly. This can shorten the time that patients have to wait to see the doctor.

Federal government encouragement

The move toward digital record keeping is being encouraged by the government as well. They are also encouraging physicians to file prescriptions electronically. This may seem like a good move as the pharmacists are not as likely to make mistakes and patients are less likely to loose their prescriptions.



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