You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune On Live Chat

If you want a simple way for customers to get a hold of you, live chat may be worth looking into. With it, your clients can go directly to your website and chat directly with an individual to get their questions answered. This can be very convenient for them.

Anyone home?

Ivana Taylor recently wrote an article for the American Express OPEN Forum pertaining to live chat. She believes that live chat can make your organization more available to consumers, which could be the difference between someone going with your company or a competitor. When a customer has the option of talking with someone right away, it can instill confidence in them about your company.

Live chat apps

Taylor recommends four live chat tools for business owners. These tools all have two things in common: They’re effective and they’re economical, making them ideal for cash-strapped small businesses. Olark’s live chat tool is a simple app that will give your customers the chance to directly connect with your enterprise. It’s easy to install and maintain. It doesn’t, though, include a lot of extras. That might be acceptable for many small businesses, but for those that need a bit more power, Taylor recommends, SnapEngage, and LivePerson. These chat tools allow business owners to use chat on mobile device and see what pages customers were investigating when they clicked on chat.

The trend

The reason this trend seems to be growing is that is can give a company an edge over a competitor. Additionally, it can instill confidence in the consumer and help build a long lasting relationship.



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