Apple And The Coming Of Holograms

Technology evolves quickly and as it has evolved, technology comes into our lives changing the way we operate day to day. A lot of technology that we take for granted today seems like something out of a science fiction movie not long ago. So what is the next giant leap in technology? A writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, Ben Kunz, thinks it’s likely to be holograms.

Apple and holograms

Kunz believes that our Apple devices will quickly display interactive holograms, similar to what Robert Downey Jr.’s character was able to utilize in the movie The Avengers. This prediction is not based solely on the conjecture of one man. It is based on some recent Apple patents and acquisitions. Along with the extreme competition in the tablet industry must not be over looked. Apple needs to take a daring step soon to stay ahead of its competitors. Will that step be holograms?

Apple’s plans

How it may work: With forward-facing cameras that track the location of the viewers’ eyes and a screen that projects beams of light at different angles a hologram might be created. This hologram would also be very realistic due to the different angles created by the various beams of light. The viewer could look at it from every direction and it would retain its visual integrity.

The future of 3D?

What’s the greatest issue with 3D holograms? 3D technology has so far failed to grab the imagination of consumers. Kunz writes that the sale of 3D TV sets have been sluggish. Even games like Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system, which do not require players to put on 3D glasses, have seen lukewarm sales. So why would Apple invest heavily in the technology to make holograms? Apple seems to have a history of taking failed ideas and making them become successful. This goes all the way back to the times when Apple took the idea for the mouse from Xerox, made it more effective, and saw sales soar. Apple also debuted its iPhone and iPad devices long after Microsoft first tried to introduce a pen-based tablet PC that never quite caught on. Also, Apple’s 3D holograms will be different. They’ll be a great deal more realistic, and they won’t call for users to wear 3D glasses to view them. So what’s the message here? Get ready for holograms. Once Apple’s programmers get moving on a technology, they rarely misfire.


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