Tips To Make The Transition To Windows 8 Easier

The Windows 8 operating system has had a lot of positive reviews. It has a large amount of features that were not present in previous versions. So if you are ready to upgrade, there are several steps you should take to make sure it goes smoothly. An article recently written by Smallbiz Technology goes into lots of detail, but we have chosen a few of the most important and shared them below.

Do the Research

Before upgrading to Windows 8, ensure your computer can effectively run the new operating system. Machines need 1GB of RAM, 16GB of hard-drive space, and a 1GHz processor to run Windows 8. If you’re already running Windows 7 on your computer, don’t fret. Microsoft lists the same specs for both operating systems.


Having secure backups of your most important data is a good idea for many reasons. You never know what could happen. It is particularly important to back-up your data before trying to upgrade your systems. You can transfer your data to an external hard drive or you can use a secure cloud service that many MSPs (Managed Services Provider) offer. Using a secure cloud can be less costly and more secure as you can lose or damage an external hard drive. But no matter what path you take, this is one of the most important steps to make sure you do not lose all of your data if something goes wrong during the upgrading process.

Setup utility

Microsoft offers a setup utility that searches your computer to tell you whether or not it will support Windows 8. If the computers are using XP, this can be particularly important as Microsoft will stop providing support for XP in 2014. If you are moving to Windows 8 you are going to need to reinstall your software and drivers. Hopefully you have kept all of the installation disks. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but the added features of Windows 8 could improve your efficiency enough to make it worth it. Just be sure that you follow the steps above before trying the upgrade yourself.


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