Chrome Extensions to Improve Productivity

When you sit in front of a computer all day long is can be tempting to visit sites like The Chive frequently. If you find yourself doing this more then once or twice a day it may be damaging your productivity. Luckily, if you use Chrome, there are several extensions you can add that were created to help you stay away from these distractions. The Huffington Post wrote a story fairly recently that highlights a great number of, but below we focus on 4 that stood out to us.

Stay Focused

This neat add-on sets a timer for particular sites. As you visit the sites during the day the time counts down. Once it expires the add-on will block the site for the remainder of the day.

Cool Clock

If your lack of focus makes you miss too many meetings or lunch dates, add Cool Clock to your Chrome browser. This add-on comes with a clock, calendar, alarm, timer and hourly desktop time notifications. It’s created to make sure that you no longer miss any critical appointments. You can also set Cool Clock so that it informs you of the most important tasks you should complete during the day.

Last Pass

How much time do you waste endeavoring to remember your password to Gmail or to your online banking website? Last Pass, another nifty Chrome add-on, may change all this. This extension permits you to easily manage and monitor the many online passwords you have to cope with. You’ll be astonished at how much more time you’ll have once you eradicate those pesky attempts to remember which passwords have numbers and which ones have capital letters.

Turn off the Lights

Sometimes we have to watch videos for work, and quite often they are dull. This can mean that we can become easily distracted by other projects you are working on. If you find this is the case and you need to commit more of your attention to a video, you can utilize the Chrome add-on Turn off the Lights. It will dim everything on your screen with the exception of your media play so that you are visually forced to observe the video.



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