The Future Of Charging Our Devices

As the world relies more and more on mobile devices, our necessity for new ways to charge batteries gets to be more pressing. That’s the reason inventors today are working to create clothing that does more than keeps you warm; it can also charge your gadgets! This was highlighted in a recent
story in Mashable. It discusses a number of different clothing and textile items that double as chargers. We talk about a few below.

Rain Boots that Charge Your Phone

GotWind partnered with Orange, a British mobile carrier, to develop some rain boots that can charge your phone. These companies unveiled the boots, as prototypes, at the Glastonbury Music Festival and got an excellent response from the mobile users in the crowd.

Military Tech

There is also technology now being worn by U.S. military personnel. Soldiers can now depend on lightweight military uniforms that boast intelligent textiles into their vests, shirts, helmets, and backpacks. This technology allows soldiers to charge one battery and then send the energy from it throughout their clothing. In this way, they can charge whatever device needs to be charged.

The Most Advanced Felt in the World

And if you thought that was innovative, check out Power Felt. Scientists at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University are developing this currently. It is a thermoelectric device that turns body heat into electricity. It’s like something out of a science fiction novel but if they nail this technology down, then we might have an unlimited supply of electricity from our clothing for our devices.

These technologies will alter the way we charge our devices and almost eliminate the limitations we currently have due to inadequate batteries. That will be a wonderful day!



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