3 of the Top E-readers on the Market

Many people have e-readers these days. If you are shopping for one, you are probably aware that there are lots of models on the market. Most of them are good quality, so you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. We showcase three below.

Nook Color: The Nook Color is Barnes & Noble’s e-reader and it is affordable. You can get one for about $150. While the price tag is low, the reading experience is very high in both the display of images and prose. One fantastic aspect of the Nook Color is the capability to look up the definition of words just by pressing and holding the word.

The Nook Color has some built-in applications, like the popular music-streaming site, Pandora. And it’s very easy to download more applications from the apps store. However, the one complaint most people have is that a lot of the newer apps are not available for the Nook Color.

Kindle Fire: The Kindle Fire is very similar to the Nook Color and is one of the most popular e-readers available. The reading experience on the Kindle Fire is incredibly clear and just like the Nook Color it comes with its own email client and web browser. The Kindle is affordable, too, with the current price tag being under $200.

The one negative that people have to say about the Kindle Fire is that the controls are less than user-friendly. As an example, there is no volume control on the device itself. You have to tap the screen to bring up the volume control.

Kobo e-Reader: The Kobo e-Reader Touch doesn’t have the name recognition of either the Nook Color or the Kindle Fire. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy competitor. In fact, you wouldn’t go wrong by spending your e-reader dollars on this nifty device if reading is your absolute goal. Users rave about the reading experience on the Kobo. Images and words are sharp and simple to read. In fact, the Kobo offers seven unique font styles and 17 different font sizes for readers to choose from. Others rave about the device’s soft, quilted back. Don’t laugh; this back makes holding a Kobo feel much more like holding a real book. That’s a feature that the Nook Color or Amazon Kindle can’t boast.

You can download e-books from the Kobo store in many different formats. This is perfect for graphics-heavy books. Also, the battery life of the Kobo blows other e-readers out of the water. When the Wi-Fi feature is switched off, the battery can last as long as a month.



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