Use Shortcuts in Gmail to Save Time

There’s a reason why so many people are flocking to Gmail. It’s simply one of the most efficient and impressive email services out there. This might not be surprising; Gmail is, in the end, a Google product, and Google seldom cuts corners when introduction any service. But the odds are good that you aren’t using Gmail to its full effectiveness. Gmail is packed with keyboard shortcuts that can save you a great deal of time when composing, reading, and sending emails. Here’s the great news: You can find all of these shortcuts with just one keystroke.

The Power of ?

Here’s how it operates: By just pressing the question-mark key on your keyboard when you’re not in a text-input area, you’ll bring up a cheat sheet on top of your inbox of every single shortcut that Gmail boasts. Yes it’s true, you will have instantaneous access to every single Gmail shortcut because of the question mark. You can also access this cheat sheet by pressing your “Shift” key and the “+” sign on your keyboard. But why do that when pressing ? is so much cooler?

The Shortcuts

Here are some of the key Gmail shortcuts you’ll discover on your ?-induced cheat sheet.

  • By pressing the “c” key, you automatically begin composing a new message in Gmail. If you press “Shift” and then “c,” you’ll be able to compose that new message in a new window.
  • The “n” key moves your cursor to the next message in your inbox, while pressing the “p” key moves you to the previous message.
  • If you want to mark certain messages as being of high importance, hit the “s” key. This will star particular messages. If you hit the “-” key, you’ll label a message as being unimportant.

Using short cuts may take some time to become accustomed to. But once you have incorporated them into your life you will save tons of time. Developing time saving habits like this will give you more freedom and flexibility in your day. You may even be able to take a longer lunch during the day to leave and enjoy the sunshine.



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