Small Business Tip: 3 Apps to Manage Employees

Starting a new business is no easy task. It’s why a lot of businesses fail in their start-up years. Nevertheless, you can give yourself an advantage in at least one area – the way you manage people. We’ve listed a couple of apps for managing employees below. By using these apps, smart company owners can reduce the time they invest in ensuring their employees are as productive as possible.

Labor Time Tracker

It seems somewhat old-fashioned to have your employee’s punch in and out using physical time sheets. A better option is Labor Time Tracker, an app which costs about $4.95 a month for each employee. With this app, employees punch in their hours on a electronic card. This lets you see immediately who is working and who is out for the day. Labor Time Tracker also monitors overtime hours and pay. It’ll work, too, in several time zones.


Trello is an app for organization that is designed to keep business owners on task, it also allows business owners to add employees to to-do lists. It keeps everyone on the same page as everyone in the company can see the duties and deadlines. Also you can send employees messages related to the tasks within Trello.


TribeHR is one of the most popular and highest ranked HR apps available on the market. It is very robust; you can track days off, schedule evaluations, and keep up-to-date employee records. Plus, on top of all that it is affordable. It’s only $2 a month for each user. With this app you will be able to keep track of things as if you had a large HR department.

In the current economy it is difficult enough to build a small business. Make your life easier by utilizing the many apps on the market that are built to help small business owners keep things organized.



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