VoIP Technology: Benefits

Do you know what VoIP is? VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a technology that enables people to make calls via the Internet rather then use a traditional landline. VoIP is very affordable and can save businesses, of any size, between 30 and 50 percent on their phone expenses.

Businesses today, of course, are still struggling through the nation’s sluggish economy. Many are running on tight budgets with skeleton staffs. Today’s businesses, then, can use any form of savings they can find. The cut in phone costs that VoIP provides would appear to be an easy avenue for savings. But are businesses actually embracing VoIP technology? Are they using it to slash their yearly costs?

A Move Toward VoIP?

Recently a study was done by Heavy Reading that showed that fewer businesses then you would think have made the conversion to VoIP. But, based on the Heavy Reading study, that may be changing. The number of businesses using VoIP is on the upswing. In 2011 about 31% of businesses in North America were using VoIP but Heavy Reading predicts that by 2015 that number will rise to 66.6%.

Businesses are Switching to VoIP

That means that the amount of businesses that employ VoIP to make calls will double in the next 3 years. But will there really be such a significant change? And will the shift occur this quickly? More and more companies are becoming educated about the benefits of VoIP and while they have previously been slow to transition, the move to VoIP is snowballing so speedily that we are likely to see the percentage grow significantly.

A Bright Future for VoIP and Business

VoIP technology cuts expenses for companies while supplying voice communication that is as clear as a classic landline. An excellent thing about VoIP technology is that people don’t have to change their habits; the phones work the same as landlines. So, make room landlines, here comes VoIP.



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TSG Networks provides IT services to businesses and non-profit organizations that wish to focus on furthering their missions by leaving technology to the experts.
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