The Connected Car: A Look at The Debate

As the planet gets to be more connected so do our cars. Cars like the Audi A6, Ford Edge, and the Lincoln MKX allow individuals to browse the Web when in their front seat. People are now able to, stream music, get current traffic information, but is all this access a good thing while driving? Usually it’s exciting to see technological developments, however, when it comes to our safety on the highway can there be such a thing as excessive connectivity?

Challenges of the Connected Car

The connected car is a little problematic. Everyone knows that drivers become distracted when they text or chat on cell phones while driving. This can lead to accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 80 % of all traffic accidents involve some variety of driver inattention within three seconds of a crash. If texting and cell phones are distracting to drivers, consider how distracted motorists will be when either they or a passenger is enjoying streaming video of a cat slipping off a kitchen counter.

Does Tech Distract Drivers?

Anything which takes a driver’s attention from the road could be a hazard. Whether it’s texting, making calls, or merely having a friend in the car. Many states have made it unlawful to text while driving for this reason. This is the key reason why the news that cars are coming out with 3G connections doesn’t make everyone jump for joy.

Browsing the Web Inside Your Car

Motorists will soon have the capacity to browse the Web and get Facebook updates on in-car navigation screens. Automobiles might soon include short-range communication systems that will allow cars to connect to one another and to the infrastructure on which they are driving. This will send real-time road conditions and other data to drivers.

As we said before, we usually think of advancements in technology as a great thing, however, the possible negative effects that connected cars could have make us stop and think. While having these tech features in our cars improves enjoyment on the highway it’s vital that they don’t become a distraction to the driver.


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