Nanotechnology: Not the Stuff of Science Fiction

When you hear the word “nanotechnology,” does science fiction come to mind? Actually, nanotechnology is an element of our daily lives; it makes our lives easier. Nanotechnology is basically the science of working with matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Scientists can use nanotechnology to create new materials that can be applied and used in a variety of ways.

The practical side of nanotechnology

As an illustration, Science Daily ran a feature story about scientists creating a way to use nanotechnology to reduce the level of friction in car engines and machines. If this technology becomes widespread, it can help extend the lives of machines and engines and help them operate more efficiently. According to the Science Daily story, a team of scientists created tiny polymer particles that were distributed in automobile engine base oils. When tested under conditions that simulated those present in car engines, these tiny particles were found to have an amazing ability to reduce friction.

More efficient motors

There are friction-reducing additives used by lots of industries today, however when these tiny polymer particles were released at a low concentration they were able to reduce friction by 55 percent more than common additives currently can. As the field of nanotechnology continues to grow we can expect more discoveries like this.

The emerging world of nanotechnology

So, when you think about nanotechnology think about the engine in your car. In the not too distant future we might have nanotechnology to thank for more fuel-efficient cars, which of course means saving you money.

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