Make Your Twitter Feed More Interesting: 7 People

You’re on Twitter, and you’re simply tired of reading about what your brother-in-law ate for breakfast. You are interested in following the tweets of people who actually have something interesting to say.

Almost everybody has a Twitter account nowadays including legislators, celebrities, sports stars, scientists, and entrepreneurs as well as your next-door neighbor. To get funny, interesting, and insightful tweets you can follow any of these people.

Below is a list of 7 interesting folks who you may decide to follow to make your Twitter experience more entertaining:

  1. Conan O’Brien: This talk-show host’s tweets are always entertaining, follow him @ConanOBrien. An example of the kind of wit you will see on his Twitter is: “I wonder if my car’s blind spot compensates with a heightened sense of touch and smell.”
  2. Marissa Mayer: You may not know Marissa Mayer, but if you enjoy technology, she’s worth a follow. Mayer is the first female engineer at Google. If you want some interesting tidbits about Google and a look into the life of a tech expert, follow @Marissamayer.
  3. Mike Massimino: Head in the clouds? Then follow @Astro_Mike, the Twitter home to NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. This astronaut can provide you with the inside scoop on life at NASA as well as a glimpse into what it is like to go into space. (He also made a recent cameo on the Television show The Big Bang Theory. And, yes, he tweeted about it.)
  4. Rainn Wilson: You probably know Rainn better from the character of Dwight Schrute for the popular Tv show The Office. What you probably don’t know is that his Twitter feed can be as entertaining as the show. Follow him @Rainnwilson.
  5. Ryan Penagos: If you are curious about Comics, Ryan Penagos Twitter feed will help keep you up to date. He is the editorial director of Marvel Comics and he recently tweeted about a new Spider-Man video game.
  6. Barack Obama: Perhaps you didn’t vote for him, but Barack Obama is the president of the United States. How can you not follow his Twitter feed? Have a look at what the Commander in Chief has to say at @BarackObama.
  7. Bill Gates: The impact that this man has had around the world of technology is undeniable. If you’re curious about his daily thoughts and want to get updates about the charitable causes he and his wife devote their time to, follow him @BillGates.

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