Will Windows Phone make Microsoft Cool

Microsoft is among the most powerful companies in the world. Its Windows and Office products power computers throughout the world. Microsoft’s chief, Bill Gates, remains to be one of the more important names in the technology field. But one thing…Microsoft is not cool—at least not yet. However, there’s some signs that Microsoft’s new smartphone software, Windows Phone, could possibly change this.

Sure Microsoft’s products are everywhere but, in the eyes of the consumer, they have always fallen just short of ground breaking. Microsoft has had a few failed products in the past, for instance, the Zune. Remember this little mp3 player? What about the Kin phone? These products and others have led to Microsoft’s less then cool reputation.

Windows Phone software may change this, as it is a success among the technology press and consumers alike. People are saying that in general Windows Phone is one of the most effective operating systems available on the market.

Windows Phone earns approval for its vibrant on-screen typography and its mosaic of animated tiles on its home screen. This presents a visual contrast with the home screen of the iPhone. The operating system receives points, too, for making it easy for users to gain access to social networks. When friends or family members post pictures, messages, or updates to Twitter or Facebook, the tiles representing these services pop into life on Windows Phone-equipped devices.

Problem is, despite the nifty design features of Windows Phone, the operating system has not turned into a big seller. A part of the blame may go to the companies making the actual phones loaded with Windows Phone. These phones tend to be fairly bland and blunted Windows Phone sales. At the same time, wireless service providers continue marketing the iPhone and handsets running Google’s Android operating system.

While sales may be lower then ideal for Windows Phone the change it is making to Microsoft’s reputation could have a very positive impact. Where the consumer is concerned, a little cool never hurt a business.


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