Be More Productive with Windows 7

Windows 7 represents a significant improvement over past Windows operating systems. However, if you do not know how to use this newest version of Windows correctly, you will miss out on a number of goodies that’ll help you work more efficiently.

By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of Windows 7.

  • Coping images to a CD or DVD is easy with Windows 7. Just double click the image, and select the drive that contains your blank disk. Choose the burn option and Windows 7 takes it from there!
  • Discovering issues and repairing them is also simple with Windows 7. To do this select the “Control Panel” and select the “troubleshooting” option. This will give you usage of a number of wizards that look for and fix common OS issues. For example cleaning up adware and eliminating clutter.
  • Installing a large amount of cumbersome software will slow your system down. It is possible to prevent this by using the AppLocker feature. This allows you to pre-approve specified programs for installation. Which prevents any non-preapproved software from being downloaded.
  • Another fantastic aspect is its power efficiency service. This allows you to monitor just how much power your laptop is using. This is often helpful if you’re working remotely and have no access to a power source.

About tsgnetworks

TSG Networks provides IT services to businesses and non-profit organizations that wish to focus on furthering their missions by leaving technology to the experts.
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