Less Then Successful Tech

Smartphones, iPads, iPods, and notebook computers are some of the must-have products of the last five years. However, for each iPad there’s an Apple TV—a tech failure. Businesses take a chance when they send a new piece of technology into the market. There’s no assurance that no matter how cool or handy a gadget is that it’ll become popular with the purchasing public. With that in mind, listed here is a quick look at some of the best known technology failures of the last 10 years.

Famous tech failures

  • Apple TV: This product gives users the ability to purchase entertainment from iTunes then stream it to the device of their choice. Good idea? Most likely, if it wasn’t so limited to iTunes. 
  • Sony Mylo: Mylo came in under the radar that is why you may not remember it. This was a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device from Sony that allowed individuals to connect to the Internet, send e-mail and it included Skype! It didn’t get much attention as the iPhone and its app store overwhelmed it.

The Segway peters out

  • Segway PT: The Segway PT scooter had a lot of media hype before its release. It was expected to be wildly successful, that it may even replace cars in metropolitan areas. However, people thought it made them look kind of silly so it never quite caught on. I suppose next to a flashy sports car there is no comparison.

The CueCat doesn’t purr

  • CueCat: The CueCat was a portable barcode reader in the shape of a cat. Consumers could use it to scan any barcode and it would navigate them to the company’s website. This didn’t catch on but did it pave the way for QR codes?

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