Gadget Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

As the holidays quickly approach, advertisers seem to be pushing smartphones and tablets as the only tech gifts available this season. However, there are many other good high-tech gift ideas that will make that tech savvy relative happy without breaking the bank, and several of these are flying below the shopping radar. Some are ideal for the eco-conscious, some are good for that inner geek in all of us, and some are even perfect for those lucky ones who already own a smartphone and tablet.

Gadgets make great gifts – whether they’re practical or not

Someone may not love the 40-in-1 Swiss Army Knife, however they may be enamored with the 6-in-1 key chain. Either way, they’ll discover a use for it someday. Tech-geek gadgets are particularly suitable for individuals on a budget. So, while the Starship Enterprise pizza cutter ( or these crocheted headphones won’t break the bank, they’re bound to please!

Gadgets for the hard-to-shop-for individual

Much depends upon their tech savvy-ness, of course. But you may want to ask a quick question first: do they care about the environment? For those individuals who do, plenty of eco-friendly devices can be found, from hand-powered paper shredders to solar-powered tiki torches. It depends on how much you’re willing to spend on the recipient, but the options are many.

Tablet or smartphone owners

We all have lucky friends and relatives who already own a smartphone and tablet and probably every other tech gadget imaginable! So what do you get that special someone who seemingly has everything? Since the purpose of many of the smart-tech out there is to be touch-screen only, it’s likely that they won’t have the accompanying keyboard for either their tablet or phone. Follow the links to see two prime examples, of great gadgetry where form follows function. Smartphone and tablet accessories are a fantastic option for your already tech gadget overloaded friends.

The wonderful aspect of gadgets is that they are always at hand. Gadgets can make our lives easier and a little more fun. Hopefully these “under-the-radar” gift ideas might enable you to stretch your mind somewhat this holiday season and find that special someone a techy gadget they’ll treasure.


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