Does Perfectionism Help or Hinder Business

In the business world, it’s easy to find perfectionists. Are you one? Perfectionism can help us have a critical eye, keep us driven and motivated to work harder, but if you find yourself changing direction repeatedly, questioning your choices, or stressing about small details, perfectionism will be more of a hindrance then a help. Many negative things can stem from this, the most prominent being wasted resources of both time and money. At the end of the day the outcome doesn’t generally justify the effort. Here are some suggestions to liberate yourself from the net of perfectionism when you find yourself ensnared.

Make a Decision and Stick to it
Believe in the decisions you make! One trap of perfectionism is to second-guess yourself, which is often a never-ending spiral. So when you make a decision, have confidence in yourself and stick to it.

Trus t your Employees
When you unveil your plan to your employees they will inevitably have opinions. Pay attention to what they have to say! If they tell you it’s a good idea, trust them. This will stop you from falling into the questioning game. Also, their skills are your resources, so trust them to execute their part of the plan well. You hired them because you trust their stills, right? And lastly, prior to getting settled into your plan be sure you…

Have a Plan B
You never know what’s going to happen! A hurdle may arise that cannot be overcome, so make sure you have a plan B. A backup plan will help you from getting entrenched to deeply in your first plan and devastated if things go wrong. The more flexible and ready for change you are, the easier it is to adapt to things life throws at you.

Perfectionism can have a positive effect as it may make you strive to be your best, but that pressure can lead to stress and wasted time. Try to stay flexible and strive for your personal best. If you find yourself caught up in perfectionism, the steps I’ve outlined above should help. You can also read this article to learn how to avoid perfectionism pitfalls all together.


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