Keep your computer secure

We all love computers. Don’t deny it, you’re on one right now. The reason computers are so popular, obviously, is because of the value they offer. This value isn’t only found in what a computer offers, but also in what a computer costs. Even simplified netbooks costs a few hundred dollars. This makes these valuable machines regular targets for robbers. Be sure to keep your computer safeguarded from these attempts; below are great tips to do so.

Physical Security

All computers are portable, even if they are desktop models. A thief is more than happy to do a quick grab and run, leaving you with nothing but a few cords and a monitor. To further secure your computer, try adding a security cable. These cables are generally locked with a key, and cost only $40. They are both easy to install and easy to operate, and add a level of physical safety to your computer that is priceless.

Data Security

Computer’s are worth more than the sum of their physical parts. When a computer is stolen, the thief may have access to your personal information and data. Even if your computer is password protected or your data is encrypted, the information stored within could, in theory, be accessed. Because of this, it’s a good practice to store your bank account, credit and social security information in a different location. Having your identity stolen on top of losing your computer would only add insult to injury.

Keeping Track

There have been a lot of great computer tracking apps developed in recent years. While these apps need the hard drive to remain intact in order to work, if you act quickly, they highly increase your chances of recovery. There have been numerous cases in which a stolen laptop has been found using one of these services. While your laptop’s return may not be promised, it’s still a great safety measure to take.

While all of these tips are useful in keeping your computer safe, there is no replacement for common sense and reasonable vigilance. Make sure to take good care of your computer; chances are it takes good care of you.


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TSG Networks provides IT services to businesses and non-profit organizations that wish to focus on furthering their missions by leaving technology to the experts.
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