3 cool tools for summer

Gadgets, for the most part, are designed to make our lives easier. We have smartphones to keep us entertained, tablets to keep us connected, and even digital blood monitors to help keep us healthy. But are there devices out there that are designed to help keep us cool? Moderating body temperature is an essential part of staying comfortable and luckily, technology has worked to make that moderation more manageable. We are all familiar with desktop fans and air conditioners, but here are three unique personal gadgets that can also help you beat the heat.

The Bedfan

It’s natural to sleep best when nestled tightly under a heavy blanket. However, it’s difficult to do this in the hot summer months without running a high utility bill. Luckily, gadgets like the Bedfan are an efficient solution to this problem. The Bedfan connects to the end of your bed with a thin vent that easily fits right under the covers. Then air is pumped out createing a light current. Because the current is insulated between your body and your blanket, the effects are highly noticeable. You’ll enjoy sleeping under a heavy blanket any time of the year. For more information, check out this website.

The BEX Runner

Exercising at a temperature above your internal body temperature can be dangerous. This is problematic in the summer months, especially for anyone who enjoys a nice outdoor stroll. While the BEX Runner is not necessarily a safe solution to extensive exercise in high heat conditions, it does offer a new level of comfort. The BEX rests on your palm and conducts and stores your body heat. Basically, it draws the heat away from your skin to help make you feel cooler. To learn more, read over this article.

The iPocket Fan

While this gadget doesn’t provide the most effective means of cooling you off,  it is definitely entertaining to use. This fan is connected to a charging dock for your iPhone that displays an animated fan on your phone’s screen. If you spin the blades on the screen faster, the blades on the dock spin faster. While you shouldn’t expect to replace your air-conditioner with this gadget, you can at least expect to have a fun time creating a light breeze. For a closer look, check out this link.

Keeping cool is easy with the right gadgets. Make sure and beat the heat this summer by moderating your temperature. If you’d like to read up on some more cooling gadgets, take a look at this article.

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